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Ireland Amway Global Entrepreneurship report 2016

2016.11.15 - 

The seventh annual Amway Global Entrepreneurship Report, published today, measures the public pulse of self-employment around the world. The 2016 study finds 77% of respondents have a positive attitude toward entrepreneurship. This consistently high interest in self-employment may explain the increasing importance of global trends like the gig economy – the trend of individuals seeking to work independent from an employer with greater flexibility. The AGER results support this trend, with 39% of respondents worldwide seeing self-employment more likely in five years than today and 56% feeling comfortable searching for and acquiring customers – a key element of self-employment. These results contribute to the public debate about a changing world of work




(Dublin, 15 November 2016) Findings from the seventh annual Amway Global Entrepreneurship Report (AGER) were announced today.  The report which measures the public pulse of entrepreneurship shows that uncertainty still remains in Ireland about the future of self-employment as mass immigration during the economic crash continues to leave a gap in the self-employed graduate pool.

The future of Ireland’s work environment is high on the agenda of policy and decision makers across industry, society and science.

The AGER surveyed 50,861 globally including 1,000 adults in Ireland. In Ireland, peoples’ attitudes towards entrepreneurship have remained consistent since 2015; 69 percent in 2016, 68 percent in 2015.

Prof. Dr. Jimmy Hill from the National College of Ireland commented:
“Employment prospects in key industries such as IT and Financial services sector have increased and there is an almost insatiable demand for talent, especially graduates.  However, as a result of mass immigration to countries like Australia during the economic crash, there is a lack of entrepreneurial graduates available especially for industries such as Research and Development. The lag time for new immigrants to realize their immense entrepreneurial potential is impacting AESI results to some degree”.

Key AGER Findings Include:
• Despite a positive mind frame, Ireland ranked lower for entrepreneurial potential compared to EU average due to a lack of skills amongst graduates.
• Under 35 year olds have the most positive attitude towards entrepreneurship with males being the more positive sex.
• 82 percent of respondents holding a university degree were more positive towards entrepreneurship than those without a degree.
• Since 2015, entrepreneurial potential has decreased by 5 percent in Ireland. Some of the findings to support this are a) confidence in abilities decreased by 8 percent; much lower than global statistics and b) under 35 year olds desire to start their own business decreased by 12 percent since 2015. According to Prof. Jimmy Hill, the reason for this is “the memory and pain of recession and its negative impacts still looming, people are more cautious.
• Irish men (43 percent) are more likely to start a business than their female counterparts (31 percent), displaying no changes in comparison to last year (2015: men: 43 percent; women: 32 percent).
• There is uncertainty about the future of entrepreneurship in the country. 25 percent think that people will be more likely to be self-employed, while 26 percent think that self-employment will be as likely as today.
• 45 percent of female respondents and 54 percent of male respondents would be comfortable with searching and acquiring customers as a self-employed person. Fewer women would be comfortable with searching and acquiring costumers than men.


Ireland’s and Great Britain’s positive attitude towards entrepreneurship (red) compared to entrepreneurial potential (blue).

“Entrepreneurship plays a key role when shaping our future European economies,” advises Michael Meissner, Director Corporate Affairs Amway Europe. “With AGER, we’re exploring people’s aspirations and expectations of their work environment to shape a more supportive ecosystem for those who want to work independently by starting their own businesses. That is why continuous research is so important.”
For further information about the report, contact:
Moira Halpin
Rachel Dalton Communications
T: + 353 1 6787990

Notes to editors:
Survey details:  A representative target group – 1,000 men and women aged 15+ – was selected from the Irish population. The study was carried out face-to-face within the framework of an omnibus survey (CAPI-Technology).  Fieldwork lasted from 27 April 2016 to 11 May 2016.

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About Amway Global Entrepreneurship Report
Now in its sixth year, the Amway Global Entrepreneurship Report (AGER) research takes the public pulse of the state of entrepreneurship around the world. The 2015 AGER delves into the key characteristics of entrepreneurs and introduces the Amway Entrepreneurial Spirit Index (AESI). The AESI is a new index that measures entrepreneurial spirit in three dimensions including desirability, feasibility and stability against social pressure derived from acclaimed psychologist Icek Ajzen’s Theory of Planned Behaviour.  See attached PDF for further information on AESI.
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