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Corporate responsibility

Corporate Citizenship has been an important part of Amway’s corporate philosophy ever since the foundation of Amway in 1959.  Amway and it’s employees and distributors support local communities across Europe and the world.  The Amway One by One™ Campaign for Children coordinates various charitable initiatives that support disadvantaged children – helping to fund nursery schools, playgrounds as well as hospital care for young people.  Across Europe, Amway supports a wide variety of charitable organisations that deliver resources to help children live better lives.  In 2010, Amway Europe raised over $2.8 million for local community projects and distributors invested over 55,000 hours in voluntary services.  Since its launch in 2003, the One by One campaign has provided hope and opportunities to 12 million children around the world, raising more than $250 million and involving 3.5 million corporate volunteering hours by Amway employees and distributors for children’s causes worldwide.

Many recent emergency efforts in all parts of the world have been supported by Amway, including the floods in Hungary, the Czech Republic and Pakistan and the earthquake in L’Aquila, Italy.  Amway always responded by giving donations, products and voluntary assistance.  More recently for the disaster that hit Japan in March 2011, Amway, its distributors and employees around the world raised more than $4.4 million.

The UK’s charitable focus for 2012 is the charity Special Olympics Great Britain (SOGB).  The charity uses sport to combat social exclusion and transform lives of people with learning disabilities.  In Great Britain, SOGB work to combat the exclusion of disabled athletes through a series of year round, countrywide programmes of community sports training and competitions.  More specifically, the charity work with 135 Special Olympic Sports Clubs through Great Britain, offering 26 different Olympic type sports, helping more than 8,000 people with learning disabilities.  Amway UK is going to be conducting various fundraising activities through the year to raise as much money for the charity as possible.


Managing environmental impact of its operation is a concrete part of Amway’s corporate responsibility, improving environmental management systems year by year.

In 2010, Amway started to develop a comprehensive environmental management system launching new environmental practice manuals across its operations in Europe.  Moreover, Amway started a programe of increasing the sustainability of local and international events. Another example of positive sustainability actions is the decision to move the manufacturing of specific home care products from the United States to Europe, reducing transportation carbon emissions by up to 79 per cent.

Energy conservation in Amway buildings is a smart way to help tackle climate change and save money.  For instance, at Amway’s European Headquarters in Munich, Germany, gas consumption has been reduced by 43% and electricity use by 22% in two years.  While at the Amway Business Centre in Krakow, Poland, new state-of-the-art offices are designed with eco-friendly features.

Using products, processing and packaging that reduce environmental impacts is an important goal of Amway’s policy.  The boxes that are used for shipments are made of 60% recycled material, with 100% biodegradable cornstarch loose-fill.  Using Life Cycle Analysis, Amway continues to reduce the environmental impacts of its products, while NUTRILITE™ grows harvests and processes plants on its own sustainable-managed farms.

By 2014 Amway wants to become the world’s leading sustainable direct selling company, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 25%, minimizing waste and ensuring its full recyclability up to 95%, reducing water consumption by 10% and increasing the use of alternative energy sources it uses up to 15%.


The skills and motivation of Amway employees across Europe are fundamental to the company success.  In 2010, Amway strived to maintain a working environment in which all people can thrive and have the opportunity to meet their potential.  The company continues to promote diversity and development, provide benefits and ensure high standards in health and safety.

Amway distributors are key ambassadors for the company and business, and they are supported with comprehensive training and development.  The Amway Academy is an integrated system of professional education comprising classroom training, e-learning courses and web presentations.  In 2010, over 500,000 distributors benefited from Amway’s instructor led training, of which 98% was delivered at no cost to the participant.




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