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Facts and figures

Company Name: Amway Corporation (Privately Owned)
Industry: Direct Selling
Founders: Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel
Founding Year: 1959
Founding Year Europe: 1973
Founding Year UK: 1973
Founding Year Ireland: 1979
Headquarters: Ada, Michigan, United States
Headquarters, Europe: Munich, Germany
Amway UK: Milton Keynes
Revenue Worldwide: $8,8 billion in 2016
Revenue UK: $14.3 million retail sales in 2016

Chairman Amway Corporation: Steve Van Andel
President Amway Corporation: Doug DeVos
Regional President, Amway Europe, Africa and India: Samir Behl
General Manager, Amway UK and Ireland: Andy Smith
Corporate Affairs Manager UK and Ireland: Mette Hvistendahl Munch

Employees Worldwide: 19,000
Independent Amway Business Owners worldwide: 3 million +
Independent Amway Business Owners UK and Ireland: 33,000

Number of markets worldwide: 100+
Number of markets Europe: 29


Number of products: over 450

Product brands:
– Beauty and Grooming: ARTISTRY™, Satinique™, HYMM™ and G&H™
– Nutrition: NUTRILITE™
– Home and Living: eSpring™, iCook™, L.O.C.™

Number of patents: 1,000+
Number of patents pending: 700+
Number of scientists: 900+


WFDSA: World Federation of Direct Selling Associations
Seldia: European Direct Selling Association
FEDMA: Federation of European Direct and Interactive Marketing
EBA: European Business Association

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