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The seventh annual Amway Global Entrepreneurship Report, published today, measures the public pulse of self-employment around the world. The 2016 study finds 77% of respondents have a positive attitude toward entrepreneurship. This consistently high interest in self-employment may explain the increasing importance of global trends like the gig economy – the trend of individuals seeking to work independent from an employer with greater flexibility. The AGER results support this trend, with 39% of respondents worldwide seeing self-employment more likely in five years than today and 56% feeling comfortable searching for and acquiring customers – a key element of self-employment. These results contribute to the understanding of a changing world of work

Here are the key findings of the survey from Great Britain and Ireland:

Great Britain:

  • British men are still more likely to start a business than females (50% vs 39%) as they seek greater independence (54% vs 44%) and self-fulfillment (41% vs 36%) from their career.
  • Brits have the best salesmanship to make their business a success when compared to 44 other countries. We are more comfortable with searching and acquiring further customers (56%)
  • Britain has a positive attitude to entrepreneurship (83%) and it remains on par with views canvassed last year (84%).  Nearly half of us want to be our own boss (49%) and have a better work-life balance (27%)
  • Over half of British entrepreneurs (55%) believe our exit from the EU will encourage more individuals to set up their own business.
  • 7 out of ten Brits (67%) have faith in a single economy, believe it is good for business and will not dampen our nation’s entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Nearly half (48%) of British SME owners will not be held back when it comes to growing their enterprise in the short-term. 

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  • Irish entrepreneurial potential still lags behind international levels
  • Lure of Irish graduates by large Corporates’ impacting on Ireland’s entrepreneurial pipeline
  • Ireland’s Research & Development sector widely regarded by global business
  • Strong gender discrepancy remains with business start-ups
  • Irish population undecided about the future of self-employment

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_mdl6393“Entrepreneurship plays a key role when shaping our future European economies,” advises Michael Meissner, Director Corporate Affairs Amway Europe.

“With AGER, we’re exploring people’s aspirations and expectations of their work environment to shape a more supportive ecosystem for those who want to work independently by starting their own businesses. That is why continuous research is so important.”

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