Kids Company fundraising – Amway supports Coats for Kids


In 2013 Amway Europe supported 96 projects for children in need

In the 10th anniversary year of the Amway One by One Campaign for Children, Amway Europe (incl. South Africa) has helped over 50.000 needy children and their families by supporting 96 different local projects in 2013. Danish homes for children with special needs, the education of family helpers in Germany or the support of children’s hospital facilities in Ukraine or Hungary are just a few examples of how Amway has helped in its 29 European markets on the local level. In total Amway, Amway distributors and employees have raised more than USD 1 million and contributed 16.000 volunteering hours to help children in need throughout Europe and South Africa. A main focus was set on education related initiatives - especially the Pan-European support of the Tutudesk Campaign. Thanks to the Amway distributors and employees, the first target has been reached: In 2013, 7.500 children from six different schools in South Africa have been provided with so called Tutudesks. Children who do not have a desk at home or at school do not have a proper learning environment. Tutudesks are portable desks, which children can put on their lap to have a stable surface to write on. When buying the Amway Business App or the One by One Anniversary mug, funds have been generated - in 2013 more than 100.000 USD to support this project. This is just one example of how the One by One Campaign for Children has been rallying the resources of Amway, its distributors and employees since 2003. In 2013, Amway has been celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Amway One by One Campaign for children with the Amway Global Volunteering Day.  All around the world Amway employees and distributors came together on November 20th, the UN Day of Child, to help children in need. All European markets participated. More than 10.000 body care and home care products have been packed by volunteers in 36 different packing activities throughout Europe on this single dayand were brought to local organizations to help more than 14.000 children and their families. In the UK, Amway is committed to fundraising for Kids Company, a charity that provides practical, emotional and educational support to vulnerable inner-city children through various fundraising activities. In the UK, over 70 Amway distributors and employees joined together at the London Experience Centre to collate 500 charity packs including the Amway donated  items alongside toys, books, food, headphones and mugs.  These packs were donated to Kids Company who gave them out to disadvantaged children on Christmas Day. By the end of 2013, the Amway One by One Campaign for Children has provided, since its beginning in 2003, support and opportunities to 11 million children by donating $225 million to children's causes worldwide. The number of employee and distributor volunteer hours logged since 2003 totals nearly 3.1 million.
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